Think of the “extras” as a consulting service to get you back on track. Blank Slate Events, realizes not everyone needs full service options, but that unexpected things can arise. If it all seems like too much, then just hire us by the hour and you choose what you want us to get done for you!

No matter the stage of the planning process we can work with you to make sure you’re continuing to get things done so that you’re ready for your event or celebration. Some of the things the “extras” can be used for are to attend vendor meetings, review contracts, help create budgets and timelines, consult on vendor referrals, assemble invitations, pick up favors, keep track of your guests/attendee list and more.

The hourly rate can not be substituted for “day-of” services or as a replacement for an additional event coordinator. Please let us know if you’re interested in having an event coordinator the day of your event in addition to your planner. We recommend hiring an event coordinator for events with more than 200 guests or in two locations.

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